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This cow family is exclusive to Irelands.

The original cow imported from NZ was a daughter of Emulous 60E from one of the oldest herds in NZ, the Kio Kio herd. This cow family has been sensational. They have produced some of the most fertile cows we have bred.

We have used the majority of the sons from this family within the program as we love these cows. The more the better. We have over 40 daughters in production originating from the one cow. We have over 40 daughters in production and have only ever sold two from this line, as foundation females for a new stud herd.



We refer to this family as the workers.
They are fertile and they can milk. We have seen some fantastic females and probably the second most dominant family we have.

This family has produced some outstanding stud sires, some of which we have used in the herd. We have sold more bulls from this family than any other.
This cow family originated from another of the oldest NZ studs Pukatutu. The daughters who were imported were all by Emulous 60E.



The Eclypta family has originated from Rangatira stud in NZ.
One of the best cows of the breed was Back Track Eclypta 135. She is the dam of our foundation females. This family is a rock solid producer.

They are what true Angus cows are. They consistently breed bulls and females without compromise. Over the years this family has set the benchmark in our program.
They have produced many show champions but more importantly we have seen sons still working consistently at 11 and 12 years old. We have daughters still in production at 17 years of age – a truly great cow family.



Over the years we have considered it important to add cow families to our herd that have the consistent history of our own. To this end we have included the following cow families we consider to portray these attributes:

This cow family goes back to the famous Wilson Downs herd and legend sire Emulous 60E. The Champagne line has been very successful within the Angus breed and we have retained all the female progeny in the herd.

This wonderful old big framed cow bred very well for Tibooburra and was from the imported R&J Blackcap. We have some young descendants of this family in the herd showing considerable promise.

This cow family needs no introduction to the Angus world. These cows have originated from Victoree and have performed so well all over the country for who ever has used them. Our Princess family females continue to live up to our expectations.

Another big powerful cow family from Victoree we were delighted to obtain genetics from and their performance to date matches the reputation they deserve.

The Wilcoola family became famous when they produced some of the most exceptional cows for Merrigrange. They are well known and are high performers. They have certainly lived up to this reputation in our program.

This cow family has also a high reputation form Merrigrange. We have found them fast becoming a major contributor to our program. They are milk queens and always rear a fantastic calf.

This cow family, imported from NZ by Banquet. I guess they really tell the Banquet story. The Dream team has been so successful and added more to the Banquet program than any other cow. They are now making a real impact in our program and we look forward to the future of this line at Irelands Angus.

A cow family that I have known for 25 years and have watched closely ever since. This line was introduced from Blackmore where they have been solid and consistent performers and we look forward to these positive traits in our breeding herd. We look forward to continuing this consistent theme with this cow line.